History of CSRM: A legacy of quality Steel since inception

The story of CSRM started in 1992, and it's all about making high-quality steel. From using just one mill to becoming a big name in the Bangladesh steel industry, CSRM always committed to making top-quality steel. With better technology and different kinds of steel, CSRM has grown a lot. We aim to give people the best and safest steel in Bangladesh. Discover CSRM's history, where each step is about making steel better for a safer Bangladesh.

Quality Steel

Foundation and initial production

Chakda Steel & Re-Rolling Mills Pvt. Ltd. (CSRM) laid its foundation in 1992, marking the inception of a remarkable journey in the steel industry. The initial production, initiated with a single imported hot re-rolling mill, focused on crafting top-quality 40-grade rebar to cater to the burgeoning local market demand.

Foundation and Initial Production

Commitment to quality

From the outset, CSRM has unwaveringly prioritized product quality. This steadfast commitment has yielded significant dividends, as CSRM products gained popularity for their exceptional quality over time. In response to the escalating demand, CSRM invested in cutting-edge infrastructure, including a dedicated power plant, state-of-the-art equipment for billet production, and two fully automated hot re-rolling mills for manufacturing the highest-quality rebar.

Prioritized Product Quality

Technological advancements

CSRM employs top-tier technology, utilizing a Magnetic Induction Furnace and Continuous Casting Machine (CCM) for billet production. Rigorous quality checks are ensured through a Universal Testing Machine (UTM) in a modern physical laboratory. Monthly inspections at BUET further guarantee the integrity of product quality.

Technological Advancements

Product range and capacity

CSRM boasts a diverse product range, including different-sized B500 DWR, B500 CWR, and B400 DWR rebars. With a robust monthly billet production capacity of 21,000 tons, CSRM strives to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

Product Range and Capacity

Extensive distribution network

To ensure safe and timely delivery, CSRM operates a fleet of over 50 vehicles, comprising trailers, trucks, and pickups. The company serves a growing clientele, currently engaging with more than 400 retail and corporate clients across Bangladesh.

Extensive Distribution Network