Sister concern of CSRM

At CSRM, we're not just about making steel. Our company is like a big family with different parts, and each part does something special. Some parts help make new things in industries, some help communities grow and become better, and others take care of the environment.

It's like having different jobs that together make the world a better place. See how each part of our big family does something important in different areas – from making new things to helping people and taking care of nature.

Discover our diverse commitments beyond steel

Explore more than just steel with us! We're involved in many different things that help industries, communities, and the environment. Discover the various ways we make a positive impact in different areas.

CSRM Foundation

CSRM contributes to our country for construction and development works both in public and private projects. More than 2000 employees work under this CSRM umbrella.

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Chakda Dredging and Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd

It is all about making rivers flow freely. They use special machines to remove things in the water that shouldn't be there, like mud and debris caused by nature and people.

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CSRM Green Blocks and Bricks

It began making eco-friendly bricks in 2022 to help the environment and preserve natural resources. This branch of CSRM creates both solid and hollow bricks.

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