CSRM B420 DWR | Rebar for construction excellence in Bangladesh

B420 DWR is the latest grade in the CSRM brand. It has a minimum yield strength of 60,000 psi or 420 MPa. TS/YS ratio 1.3 and elongation 14%. This grade is frequently used in the construction of buildings & bridges nowadays for its greater strength than B420 DWR.

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CSRM B420 DWR Rebar

Applications of CSRM B420 DWR

The adaptability and strength of CSRM B420 DWR rebar make it an indispensable material for a wide array of construction applications, contributing to the safety, longevity, and reliability of structures in various industries.

  • High-rise buildings: In order to maintain structural stability and safety while building towering skyscrapers and other high-rise projects, the B420 DWR rebar is the material of choice.
  • Bridges and infrastructure: CSRM B420 DWR rebar ensures durability and resilience in infrastructure projects by providing vital reinforcement for roads, tunnels, and bridges.
  • Residential construction: In residential constructions, B420 DWR rebar is frequently utilized from the foundations to the columns, ensuring the stability and longevity of dwellings.
  • Commercial complexes: B420 DWR rebar is strong and dependable, providing long-term performance and safety in office buildings, mixed-use complexes, and shopping malls.
  • Industrial facilities: Factories and warehouses demand strong and dependable materials. B420 DWR rebar is an excellent choice for these applications.
  • Marine & coastal projects: Its corrosion resistance makes B420 DWR rebar suitable for marine applications, such as docks, harbors, and coastal defenses.
Applications of CSRM B420 DWR

Key features of CSRM B420 DWR

Enhance your construction projects in Bangladesh with CSRM B420 DWR Rebar—a beacon of innovation in the industry. It is your key to a construction experience marked by strength, versatility, and lasting durability.

  • Water resistance technology: Defying corrosion for lasting durability.
  • Corrosion-resistant: Defying corrosion, ensuring lasting structures & cutting maintenance costs.
  • Versatility across applications: Adapts seamlessly to diverse construction needs.
  • High tensile strength: Engineered for stability, providing a solid foundation.
  • Lightweight & efficient: It meets efficiency in a lightweight design, enhancing construction with ease.
  • Compliance excellence: It excels in compliance, surpassing industry standards with ease.
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Key features of CSRM B420 DWR

Chemical composition of CSRM B420 DWR Billet

Chemical composition is determined by calculating mass fraction values in percentages using cast analysis. (Source: BDS ISO 6935-2:2016)

Steel grade C (Max) Si (Max) Mn (Max) P (Max) S (Max)
CSRM B420 DWR 0.29 0.55 1.80 0.04 0.04

Length and weight chart of CSRM B420 DWR

Discover the perfect blend of precision engineering and advanced technology with the CSRM B420 DWR , a cutting-edge steel product designed to revolutionize your construction needs.

Serial no. Product size Length per piece Weight per piece Pieces per bundle Weight per bundle Permissible deviation
01 8 mm 12 m 4.74 kg 16 pcs 75.840 kg 8%
02 10 mm 12 m 7.40 kg 10 pcs 74.04 kg 5%
03 12 mm 12 m 10.65 kg 7 pcs 74.59 kg 5%
04 16 mm 12 m 18.94 kg 4 pcs 75.79 kg 5%
05 20 mm 12 m 29.59 kg 3 pcs 88.77 kg 5%
06 22 mm 12 m 35.82 kg 2 pcs 71.64 kg 5%
07 25 mm 12 m 46.24 kg 2 pcs 92.49 kg 4%
08 28 mm 12 m 58.00 kg 2 pcs 116.00 kg 4%
09 32 mm 12 m 75.75 kg 1 pcs 75.75 kg 4%

Mechanical properties of CSRM B420 DWR

The CSRM B420 DWR sets the standard for excellence with its exceptional mechanical properties, delivering unparalleled performance in diverse applications.

Ductility Class Steel Grade Specified characteristics value of upper yield strength Specific characteristics value of Rm/ReH Specified characteristics value of elongation %
Minimum Maximum Minimum Minimum (EMF)
D B420 DWR 1.80 1.3*ReH (Min) 1.25 17 8
Why choose CSRM for B420 DWR rebar

Why choose CSRM for B420 DWR rebar?

When you choose CSRM for your B420 DWR rebar needs, you're investing in the strength, durability, and reliability that your construction projects demand. Here's why you choose CSRM B420 DWR rebar:

  • High-quality steel
  • On-time delivery
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Commitment to quality
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Customer-centric
  • BUET & ISO Certified
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CSRM B420 DWR specialties

CSRM's B420 DWR rebar is renowned for its exceptional strength and durability, positioning it as the premier choice for a wide range of construction endeavors. For residential, commercial, or industrial projects, our B420 DWR rebar ensures the durability your structures need.

  • Enhanced strength combined with high ductility
  • Exceptional weldability, no strength loss in welds
  • Better ductility and malleability
  • Earthquake resistant
  • High thermal resistance
  • Significant savings in the cost of steel
CSRM B420 DWR  specialties

Other rebar steel products

In addition to our CSRM B420 DWR rebar, we offer a diverse selection of other rebar steel products tailored to meet a variety of construction needs. Our comprehensive range of rebar solutions provides strength, durability, and versatility for a wide spectrum of projects.

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