After-sales engineering service of CSRM

Chakda Steel & Re-Rolling Mills (Pvt) Ltd. (CSRM) is one of the leading steel manufacturers in Bangladesh. We provide after-sales engineering services to our valued clients. Providing exceptional customer service is our utmost priority. Our thorough after-sales engineering service helps us to recognize that the journey doesn't end with the delivery of premium steel products.

This service is to be an essential part of our dedication to quality. It shows our commitment to making sure each consumer has an exceptional. Choose CSRM to ensure not only high-quality steel but also a long-lasting collaboration that goes beyond the initial sale.

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After-sales Engineering Services
After-sales Engineering Services

What is an after-sales engineering service?

The term "after-sales engineering service" describes the range of services and assistance that a business offers to its clients beyond the sale of a product, with a special focus on the technical and engineering aspects of the offering.

The purpose of this service is to maintain the product's function and performance, guarantee client satisfaction, and handle any technical problems that may occur while using it.

Key components of after-sales engineering service

To ensure client happiness, resolve technical problems, and preserve the goods' peak performance, a variety of measures and support systems are included in the fundamental components of after-sales engineering services.

These are the key components:

  • Technical support
  • Regular inspections and maintenance
  • Customized solutions
  • Training programs
  • Remote assistance
  • Replacement and upgrades
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Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Why choose CSRM for quality steel?

When selecting Chakda Steel & Re-Rolling Mills (CSRM) for high-quality steel, it's important to take into account several important aspects that distinguish the business from competitors. By choosing us, customers not only acquire top-quality steel but also enter into a partnership with a company committed to delivering innovative, reliable, and sustainable steel solutions.

Here are some key reasons behind selecting CSRM for high-quality steel:

  • Commitment to excellence: Upholding the highest standards of quality in the steel industry is the mission of CSRM. The organization has demonstrated its commitment by its unwavering pursuit of customer happiness, adherence to industry benchmarks, and quality of products.
  • Advanced manufacturing method: CSRM invests in modern manufacturing facilities, including a power plant and advanced rolling mills. This dedication to technological development guarantees steel production that satisfies industry standards.
  • Quality testing and certification: The Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) conducts routine inspections as part of the company's extensive quality testing procedures. Being ISO and BUET certified confirms CSRM's commitment to providing goods with the highest standards of dependability and quality.
  • Innovation and technology: CSRM embraces advanced technology in its production processes. The company's dedication to innovation guarantees that its steel products remain at the heart of industry innovations.
  • Capacity and efficiency: With a 21,000-ton monthly manufacturing capacity, CSRM is renowned for its effectiveness in fulfilling the demands of an ever-evolving market. Because of its large production capacity, the business can consistently and quickly complete orders.
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