The management team of CSRM

The dynamic management team at CSRM is a powerhouse of leadership, dedication, and expertise, steering the company towards unparalleled success in the steel industry. This accomplished team exemplifies CSRM's commitment to innovation, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

The CSRM management team, led by these accomplished individuals, is committed to driving excellence, innovation, and safety in the steel industry. Together, we propel CSRM towards continuous growth, setting industry benchmarks and contributing to the nation's development.

CSRM’s board of directors

CSRM's Board of Directors is a dynamic group of leaders dedicated to steering the company towards excellence.

CSRM Foundation
Md. Shahjahan
Managing Director
CSRM Foundation
Md. Zakaria (Zaky)
Director & CEO
CSRM Foundation
Md. Aminul Islam
Director & Head of Sales
CSRM Foundation
Md. Ibrahim Shaki
General Director