Quality laboratory testing at CSRM Steel

CSRM is proud of its commitment to delivering superior-quality steel products all over Bangladesh through quality laboratory testing. Our quality assurance process is anchored by the renowned tensile test conducted at the BUET SM Lab in the Civil Engineering Department, supported by the advanced capabilities of the Universal Testing Machine (UTM).

This test is widely recognized as the best in the industry, making sure that the materials we use in construction are dependable and long-lasting. Discover the realm of accuracy and trustworthiness through CSRM Steel's top-notch lab tests. Contact us today for steel products that are strong, long-lasting, and excellent.

Quality Laboratory Testing

Universal testing machine (UTM)

Our commitment to quality is exemplified by the use of Universal Testing Machines, which play a pivotal role in assessing the mechanical properties of steel. The "universal" aspect of these machines reflects their ability to perform component tests on materials, components, and structures. This versatility allows us to ensure that our steel products meet and exceed industry standards.

Universal Testing Machine

BUET SM lab tensile test

The Tensile Test is a fundamental procedure to evaluate the tensile strength of steel. At BUET SM Lab, our engineers employ cutting-edge Universal Testing Machines (UTMs) to conduct these tests with precision. A UTM, also known as a universal tester or materials testing machine, is a versatile apparatus capable of testing both tensile and compressive strengths.

BUET SM lab tensile test

Bend and re-bend tests

In addition to tensile and compressive strength evaluations, CSRM Steel conducts bend and re-bend tests. These tests are crucial for assessing the bendability of our steel products. Ensuring superior bendability is vital for applications in construction, where materials may need to withstand various stresses and conditions.

Bend & Re-bend Tests
Why choose CSRM

Why choose CSRM Steel for quality laboratory testing?

When you choose CSRM, you choose more than just rebar; you choose a legacy of quality, precision, and reliability. Trust CSRM for rebar solution in Bangladesh that exceeds expectations and stands the test of time.

  • Industry Benchmark: Our collaboration with BUET SM Lab and adherence to industry standards set us apart as a reliable provider of high-quality steel.
  • Precision Testing: Our state-of-the-art Universal Testing Machines guarantee accurate assessments of tensile, compressive strength, and bendability.
  • Commitment to Excellence: CSRM Steel is dedicated to delivering steel products that meet and exceed the expectations of our clients in the construction industry.

Other quality control processes of CSRM

Explore CSRM's other quality control processes, ensuring each steel product meets rigorous standards. Our special processes and top-notch practices are designed to make things better. They guarantee that each steel product goes beyond what you expect, playing a really important role in making your construction projects successful.

quality control processes