Quality assurance

CSRM steel's quality credentials in Bangladesh

Discover CSRM Steel's quality credentials in Bangladesh, from premium raw materials to cutting-edge production methods. Our commitment to delivering exceptional steel products all over Bangladesh is more than a promise – it's a part of our identity. With modern facilities and a team of experts, we're not just a steel provider; we're a symbol of quality assurance that you can trust.

With cutting-edge technology, a vigilant eye for safety, and a commitment to secure product delivery, CSRM Steel goes above and beyond to guarantee the superior quality of its products. Your trust in us is a testament to our quality credentials.

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CSRM steel's quality

Ensuring excellence from Raw Material to delivery

CSRM is dedicated to providing the best rebar steel products in Bangladesh. We're cautious about quality - from where we get our excellent raw materials to how we safely deliver our products. Here's how we keep everything top-notch along the way:

Raw Material

We import top-quality materials from developed countries such as the UK, Australia, USA, Chile, and more to ensure excellence.

Chemical Processing

Our spectrometer and modern chemical laboratories are used to check composition during melting by highly skilled metallurgists.

Continuous Casting

In the continuous casting process, we maintain strict control over temperature and billet size to ensure consistent quality.

 Reheating Furnace

We have a very modern reheating furnace where the temperature can be controlled and monitored from outside

Automatic Re-rolling

The billets are then sent to an automated re-rolling mill for the production of rebar.

Laboratory Testing

A Universal Testing Machine (UTM) is used to test the tensile and compressive strengths of materials.

Security Measures

Employees performing risky tasks are provided with safety accessories such as heat suits, helmets, boots, etc.


We have more than 50 trucks that deliver on time our goods all over Bangladesh.

Sustainability of CSRM steel

At CSRM Steel, our dedication to sustainability goes beyond business - it's our responsibility to the planet and the communities we serve. We integrate eco-friendly practices into every aspect of our steel production, from optimizing resource usage to minimizing waste.

By continually investing in environmentally responsible technologies, we ensure that our operations leave a positive, lasting impact. Our commitment to sustainability not only makes us a responsible industry leader but also contributes to a greener, more prosperous future for all.

Sustainability of CSRM Steel