CSRM B500 CWR | Elevating construction in Bangladesh

Elevate your construction projects in Bangladesh with CSRM B500 CWR, revolutionizing industry standards for quality and durability. For general-purpose building construction of residential and commercial structures as well as bridges, CSRM B500 CWR is a high-strength reinforcing steel. Because of its exceptional strength and stability, concrete buildings constructed within can withstand severe earthquakes and shaking.

Our B500 CWR rebar is super strong and won't rust easily, making it perfect for your construction projects. Enhance your construction endeavors with CSRM B500 CWR. Trust in the excellence of CSRM B500 CWR concrete reinforcement products.

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CSRM B500 CWR Superior concrete reinforcement

Applications of CSRM B500 CWR

CSRM B500 CWR is the ideal choice for creating resilient foundations and ensuring the integrity of your construction projects, no matter the size or complexity.

  • Building construction: From residential to commercial buildings, our B500 CWR rebar enhances the structural integrity of your construction.
  • Bridge projects: CSRM B500 CWR is a reliable choice for building robust and long-lasting bridges that stand the test of time.
  • Infrastructure development: Our rebar steel ensures the strength and durability required for major infrastructure projects.
Applications of CSRM B500 CWR

Key features of CSRM B500 CWR

B500 CWR rebar of CSRM is known for its resistance to corrosion, ensuring long-lasting performance. It is suitable for various applications due to its versatility and adaptability.

Unmatched strength

Unmatched strength

The B500 CWR rebar of CSRM is designed to provide superior strength, ensuring your construction projects are resilient and durable.

Corrosion resistance

Corrosion resistance

Our B500 CWR rebar offers durable corrosion resistance and is made to endure the most severe weather conditions.

Versatile applications

Versatile applications

CSRM B500 CWR is adaptable to a wide range of applications, whether you're working on buildings, bridges, or other concrete structures.

Chemical composition of CSRM B500 CWR Billet

Chemical composition based on cast analysis values of mass fractions, in percentages (Source: BDS ISO 6935-2:2016)

Steel grade C Si Mn P S
CSRM B500 CWR 0.22 0.60 1.60 0.05 0.05

Length and weight chart of CSRM B500 CWR

Explore the comprehensive length and weight chart for CSRM B500 CWR. Trust in the accuracy of CSRM B500 data for a seamless and efficient rail installation process.

Serial no. Product size Length per piece Weight per piece Pieces per bundle Weight per bundle Permissible deviation
01 8 mm 12 m 4.74 kg 16 pcs 75.840 kg 8%
02 10 mm 12 m 7.40 kg 10 pcs 74.04 kg 5%
03 12 mm 12 m 10.65 kg 7 pcs 74.59 kg 5%
04 16 mm 12 m 18.94 kg 4 pcs 75.79 kg 5%
05 20 mm 12 m 29.59 kg 2 pcs 59.18 kg 5%
06 22 mm 12 m 35.82 kg 2 pcs 71.64 kg 5%
07 25 mm 12 m 46.24 kg 2 pcs 92.49 kg 4%
08 28 mm 12 m 58.00 kg 2 pcs 116.00 kg 4%
09 32 mm 12 m 75.75 kg 1 pcs 75.75 kg 4%

Mechanical properties of CSRM B500 CWR

Discover the exceptional mechanical properties of CSRM B500 CWR, a testament to superior engineering and durability. Trust in the precision and reliability of CSRM B500, setting the standard for excellence in construction.

Ductility Class Steel Grade Specified characteristics value of upper yield strength Specific characteristics value of Rm/ReH Specified characteristics value of elongation %
Minimum Maximum Minimum Minimum (EMF)
C B500 CWR 500 - 1.15 14 7
Why choose CSRM

Why choose CSRM B500 CWR for quality construction?

When you choose CSRM B500 CWR rebar, you're choosing excellence. We deliver top-quality materials that meet industry standards and exceed expectations. Trust in CSRM for outstanding B500 CWR rebar solutions that lead to successful, long-lasting construction projects.

  • High-quality steel
  • On-time delivery
  • Advanced manufacturing
  • Commitment to quality
  • Reliability
  • Customer-centric
  • BUET & ISO certificated
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Specialties of our B500 CWR

Our B500 CWR rebar steel offers exceptional characteristics that make it the preferred choice for your construction needs. With remarkable strength, corrosion resistance, and adaptability, it excels in ensuring the longevity and safety of your structures.

  • Enhanced strength combined with high ductility
  • Exceptional weldability, no strength loss in welds
  • Better ductility and malleability
  • Earthquake resistant
  • High thermal resistance
  • Significant savings in the cost of steel

Other rebar steel products

Alongside CSRM B500 CWR, we have various other strong steel options. These fit different project needs, keeping your buildings safe and solid. Look through our collection to find the right one for your project.

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It is the ideal reinforcement for various construction applications, ensuring structural integrity & long-lasting performance.

B400 DWR

B400 DWR is designed to meet specific welding requirements, making it suitable for various construction applications.