Steel melting process and chemical laboratory of CSRM

At CSRM, the journey from raw materials to perfection is an art, carefully Designed through our Steel melting process and chemical laboratory. Once we've handpicked the finest raw materials, our induction furnace units come to life, crafting the ideal composition for flawless TMT and 60-grade rebars.

Adding to this precision, our skilled metallurgists employ advanced technologies, including a Spectrometer and a modern chemical laboratory, to scrutinize and enhance the composition during melting. We are committed to delivering steel products of unmatched quality and innovation.

Steel melting process
Why choose CSRM

Why choose CSRM?

When it comes to steel production, CSRM stands as your unrivaled choice, especially in the realms of our Steel melting process and chemical laboratory. Here's why CSRM outshines the competition:

  • Precision in melting
  • Technological prowess
  • Commitment to quality control
  • Skilled metallurgists
  • Transparent processes
  • Consistency and reliability

Other quality control processes of CSRM

CSRM goes beyond melting process & chemical laboratory, committing to quality that sets industry benchmarks. Our advanced quality control processes ensure every manufacturing step, from initial processing to final inspection, aligns with the highest standards.

melting quality control processes