Sustainability commitment at CSRM

Discover CSRM Steel's Sustainability Hub, where we're all about doing things in a good way for the Earth. From sourcing materials responsibly to delivering top-notch steel, our commitment to sustainability shines through in every step of our process.

Explore why we care about the environment at CSRM Steel. Check out how we use smart ways to be friendly to the Earth, starting from where we get our materials to sending you our steel.

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CSRM Steel's Sustainability

Being smart with Materials

CSRM Steel makes environmentally conscious choices by selectively sourcing top-quality materials from developed countries, ensuring excellence while minimizing environmental impact.

  • We carefully choose materials from places like the UK and the USA, ensuring high quality without harming the environment.
  • We start implementing our environmentally concerned strategy by acquiring premium raw materials from developed countries.
  • We work to reduce our environmental impact and promote sustainable practices in the business by selecting materials from reliable sources.
Top-quality Materials

Energy-efficient Production processes

By incorporating these energy-efficient practices, CSRM Steel strives to lead the way in sustainable steel production, contributing to a cleaner and greener future.

  • Efficient reheating: Our modern reheating furnace optimizes temperature control, minimizing energy consumption.
  • Automated operations: The use of automated re-rolling mills streamlines production for efficiency and quality.
  • Continuous casting: Rigorous control over temperature and billet size ensures consistent quality with energy-conscious practices.
Energy-efficient Production processes

Quality assurance and Employee safety

Our dedication to quality assurance and employee safety aligns with our sustainable practices, creating a holistic approach to responsible steel production at CSRM.

  • Lab testing: Our UTM ensures top-notch steel quality with precise strength checks.
  • Employee safety: Safety gear, including helmets and boots, protects our team during risky tasks.
  • Swift delivery: Over 50 trucks guarantee on-time product delivery, reducing environmental impact.
Quality Assurance and Employee Safety

Community engagement for a greener tomorrow

At CSRM, we actively support and interact with the local communities to build a sustainable future marked by a general knowledge of environmental issues and responsible conduct on all levels.

  • Eco-education: We educate local communities on eco-friendly practices, fostering a shared commitment to sustainability.
  • Local collaborations: Partnering with community organizations allows us to address local environmental priorities and contribute meaningfully.
  • Green project support: We actively support local green initiatives, reinforcing our dedication to community well-being and environmental responsibility.
Green Project Support