How to choose the right steel products for your construction projects?

To avoid life risks or lead a safe life, we think everything will be perfect. For this reason, why don’t you perfect residents and commercial infrastructure construction projects? It is called that the right steel makes the right construction, that's why choosing the right steel is the most important issue for construction projects.

For longevity, stability, and earthquake-resistant construction projects, we have to choose better steel products. In this blog, we are going to discuss the right steel-choosing process.

Understanding the quality of steel products

Before choosing the right steel, it is a major concern to understand some key features of steel. It involves a brief assessment of various factors that collectively determine the reliability and performance of the steel in your construction or manufacturing project. Major issues like steel grade, tensile strength, corrosion resistance, dimensional accuracy, etc.

quality of steel products

Common steel grades and their application

Generally, 40, 60, and 75-grade rods are used in major construction projects in Bangladesh. In this section, their application is described below-

40-grade Rod

40-grade steel is widely used in piston rods, gear wheels, crankshafts, ring gears, flywheels, axles, and bolts. It also features medium-sized components like long axles, feed rods, cogs, etc, that are used in components for pipe fittings following preliminary quenching, which is conducted during the assembly of agricultural vehicles. 40 steel is used in fastenings for pipelines/boilers for thermal and nuclear power plants, and block/connecting components for turbines.

40-grade Rod

60-grade Rod

Major Usage of 60-grade steel Reinforcement of concrete in Houses, Commercial buildings, Plazas, Bridges, Dams, Sky Rise Buildings, Industrial and commercial construction especially Govt. Projects for medium and large-size construction.

60-grade Rod

75-grade Rod

Due to its good hardness and fatigue resistance, 75-grade steel is commonly used in applications where parts need to be both durable and precise. These include power transmission parts such as shafts and gears; structural components such as bridges; automotive components such as engine blocks; aircraft components such as landing gear; and medical instruments such as orthopedic implants.

75-grade Rod

Major factors for choosing steel

Some important factors for choosing the right steel products are discussed here-

Strength requirements

Identify the required tensile strength, yield strength, and impact resistance based on the application's load and structural demands.

Corrosion resistance

Consider the environment in which the steel will be used. For corrosive environments, corrosion-resistant steels, such as stainless steel or galvanized steel, may be necessary.

Durability and hardness

Assess the need for hardness and durability, especially in applications where the steel will be subjected to wear, abrasion, or impact.

Cost considerations

Balance performance requirements with budget constraints. Different steel grades come with varying costs, and selecting the most cost-effective option for the specific application is crucial.

Availability and standardization

Ensure that the chosen steel grade is readily available in the required forms and sizes. Standardized grades may simplify attainment and reduce costs.

Testing and certification

Ensure that the steel meets the necessary quality standards and certifications through testing and verification processes.

Fix the specific projects

In the case of steel products, specific steel is made for specific construction projects, the other important aspect is that we have to fix our projects then the strength, grade, and other issues should be matched. This process is very important before choosing the right steel products for our specific construction projects.

Fix the specific projects

Final Speech

Already we understand that choosing the right steel for construction purposes is a crucial fact. By carefully evaluating these factors, engineers and designers can choose the right steel grade that aligns with the specific needs of the application, ensuring optimal performance and longevity.

But it is quite a difficult task to procure steel products by verifying all the above-discussed points. On the other hand, the hope is, Chakda Steel & Re-Rolling Mills (CSRM) is giving proper assurance of all these things. Ensuring quality, your desired steel product, and affordability, it can be your trusted companion.

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