CSRM's landmark megaproject - BTRC Building Complex

When Bangladesh was part of British India, telecommunication was limited. They made their first rules for it in 1885 with the Telegraph Act. Then, in 1933, they added more rules with the Wireless Telegraphy Act, shaping how people talked using faraway wires and signals in the air.

CSRM is making a big impact with the BTRC Building Complex. We're not just supplying steel; we're helping construct buildings that control and improve the country's telecommunication system. Our quality steel ensures these structures stand tall, contributing to the nation's growth.

BTRC Building Complex

BTRC Building Complex overview

The evolution of telecommunications in Bangladesh traces back to the Telegraph Act of 1885, marking the initial steps into this transformative technology. Fast forward to 1979, the BTTB Ordinance laid the groundwork, turning BTTB into the main telecom player. The '90s ushered in a mix of services—phones, internet, entertainment, and more.

By 2001, the Bangladesh Telecommunication Act was in full swing, giving rise to the BTRC in 2002. This watchdog ensures fair play, oversees services and protects your rights. Changes in 2010 tightened rules, demanding government nods for telecom services and equipment. It's all about keeping things fair, simple, and in tune with the times!

BTRC Building Complex overview

CSRM's contribution to the BTRC Building Complex

By supplying high-quality steel, CSRM has contributed to the structural integrity and longevity of the complex. As a key partner in this venture, our commitment to precision and reliability resonates in every beam and pillar, uplifting the BTRC Building Complex to unprecedented levels of durability and refinement.

  • Quality steel supply
  • Innovation
  • Commitment to precision
  • Structural integrity
  • Reliability
  • Timely delivery
CSRM's contribution to the BTRC Building Complex