Swadhinata Stambha - A landmark mega project by CSRM

Swadhinata Stambha also called the Independence Monument, stands as a national tribute in Bangladesh, commemorating significant events during the Liberation War. CSRM is proud to be a partner in building this memorial project by providing quality rebar solutions.

Discover the story of this extraordinary venture, where precision meets strength, and explore how CSRM's contributions have played a pivotal role in shaping the magnificence of Swadhinata Stambha.

Swadhinata Stambha

Swadhinata Stambha: A story of freedom

The story of Swadhinata Stambha began in 1999, becoming a big symbol of our freedom. First, the Ministry of Housing and Public Works helped make a huge project with a 100-meter glass tower, an underground museum, and a forever-burning flame. Even though it took some extra time and money, the second part in 2009 finished the glass tower in 2013.

At night, the Swadhinata Stambha shines bright, showing how strong we are and telling the story of Bangladesh's fight for freedom. It's like a special light guiding us through our country's history. The completed glass tower in 2013, costing 1.47 billion BDT, stands as a testament to Bangladesh's journey to independence.

Swadhinata Stambha overview

CSRM's contribution to the Swadhinata Stambha

CSRM's contribution to the Swadhinata Stambha is profound. Our commitment to providing high-quality rebar solutions ensures that every part of this iconic structure is strong, durable, and resilient.

  • Quality steel provider
  • Reliability in construction
  • Customized steel solutions
  • Innovation that counts
  • Enduring Impact
  • On-time delivery
CSRM's contribution to the Swadhinata Stambha