Chakda Dredging and Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

Chakda Dredging and Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd. is a key sister concern of CSRM, dedicated to improving our rivers. It specializes in clearing waterways using advanced technology. Two 22-inch hydraulic cutter dredgers, equipped with German-imported pumps and engines, ensure pristine waterways, facilitating smooth shipping traffic.

Chakda Dredging exclusively engages in government projects, aligning its efforts with national initiatives. Focusing on these projects, contributes to the overall well-being of our country's waterways, promoting environmental sustainability and supporting the broader goals of CSRM.

Chakda Dredging and Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd.

Chakda Dredging's impact: Waterway brilliance

Discover how Chakda Dredging makes rivers flow freely and clean. These dredging initiatives are instrumental in restoring rivers to their free-flowing state, addressing obstacles arising from natural and human-induced siltation. It uses special machines, two 22-inch hydraulic cutter dredgers from Germany, to remove things blocking the water. This helps ships move easily.

  • River restoration
  • Siltation solutions
  • Advanced technology
  • Clean waterways for shipping
  • Environmental impact
  • Shipping efficiency
Chakda Dredging's impact: Waterway brilliance

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