CSRM Foundation: Laying the foundations of health & education

CSRM plays a big part in building and improving our country with construction projects, both public and private. Over 2000 people work for CSRM. As a responsibility, CSRM keeps in mind to do something for the welfare of the employees and neighbors. Keeping this in mind the company established the CSRM Foundation in October 2022.

Right now, the foundation helps with eye treatments, operations, and other medical services. In the future, they plan to create medical and educational institutes. These will help produce skilled people who can contribute to the country's growth.

CSRM Foundation

Shaping a better future: Our core commitment

CSRM Foundation believes in creating a future where good health and education are the starting points for progress. CSRM Foundation is designed to help people, making life better and our communities stronger. From improving healthcare to creating medical and educational institutes, we are working hard to make tomorrow better.

  • Eye care for all
  • Comprehensive medical support
  • Future medical institutes
  • Transformative initiatives
  • Empowering the next generation
Comprehensive Medical Support

Other sister concerns of CSRM

CSRM has other sister concerns working on different things too. These sister concerns are like family, and they all focus on making our country better. Together, these sister concerns show CSRM's commitment to making positive changes in simple ways, all contributing to a better tomorrow.

CSRM Green Blocks and Bricks